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The new open entry international circuit replaces the Indoor Archery World Cup.

World Archery has announced the six events that are confirmed on the calendar of the 2018 Indoor Archery World Series, a refreshed international circuit running from November to February, featuring events in Luxembourg, Macau, Rome, Seoul, Nimes and Las Vegas.

All archers can participate in the competition, as long as they are members of a National Federation recognized by World Archery, in compliance with the medical sports fitness required by current Italian legislation. Exclusively for foreign members, an equivalent medical certification or the signing of the self-certification .

With derogation to the Fitarco regulation, the entry to the competition takes place via the World Archery "Open Wareos" registration portal



Archers already in possession of a WA id can access through their credentials, those who were not in possession of it must first register with the portal through the same page.

The competition is open to the divisions Barebow, Long Bow, recurve and Compound, as defined and specified in the international regulation for indoor shooting.

Four classes of competition are foreseen for recurve bow and compound bow: Men's Juniors, Women's Juniors, Male Seniores and Female Seniores. For barebow and longbow we'll be only two classes of competition: Men Seniores and Female Seniores . For inclusion in the respective classes of membership exclusively the international rules applies.

All archers with chronological age below that required for the junior class will be placed in the junior class. All those over the age of seniores will be considered as belonging to the senior class in any case.

The competition includes  an all day paying practice on Friday,  3 qualifying rounds on Saturday, and eliminations with finals on Sunday.



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